Hong Seung-hye utilizes pixels as well as forms to reveal feelings as well as area

Musician Hong Seung-hye is standing in the K3 location of ​​Kukje Gallery, where his solo event “Over the Layers II” will certainly proceed till March 19th. [KUKJE GALLERY]

I desire my work to be like a comfy chair where you can rest as well as release all your fears.

63-year-old musician Hong Seung-hye claimed this in a current meeting with Korea JoongAng Daily at Kukje Gallery, where her solo event Over the Layers II will certainly be held till March 19.

Some might be perplexed, Hong is the Oriental leader of abstract art made up of computer-generated electronic pixels. It is simple to presume that every one of his job will certainly be severe as well as chilly. Yet art enthusiasts recognize that his computer animations of pixelated geometric numbers that gradually relocate as well as become songs are remarkably psychological.

In her recurring solo event, K1 Area of Kukje Gallery provides vibrant sculptures as well as scraps that she developed with geometric forms reduced from vibrant plywood panels. A number of his setups press the borders of layout as well as art, as they can additionally be utilized as tables or lighting fixture.

Artist Hong Seung-hye's solo exhibition at Kukje Gallery, Area K1 in central Seoul

A sight of musician Hong Seung-hye’s solo event “Over the Layers II” in Location K1 of Kukje Gallery in main Seoul. [KUKJE GALLERY]

According to the gallery, in K3 Area, every one of the musician’s official as well as theoretical workouts are incorporated right into one all natural story. According to her representation, a pictogram doll round, gone along with by audios as well as estimates, rests on a phase embellished with vibrant blossoms. Numerous site visitors will certainly locate the event psychologically expressive.

Korea JoongAng Daily took a seat with the musician to speak even more regarding Hong’s abstract art, the connections in between his area as well as his feelings. The adhering to are passages from the meeting.

Q. I have actually listened to that your job comes from your passion precede, however when I consider area, 3 measurements enter your mind. And also while the majority of your operate in this event is 3D sculptures, your previous pixel illustrations as well as pixel computer animations are 2D. Just how do these research studies connect to your passion precede?

a. My job began with paint, as well as typically paint has actually had to do with utilizing the canvas as a home window to check out what is repainted on the canvas as a 3D impression. Yet I’m not thinking about that impression, I have an interest in exactly how it connects to the canvas as a things as well as the area that borders it. Actually, it does not need to be a 3D things that controls or inhabits 3D rooms.

Both photos as well as video clips are level, however they can be seen once more precede; a video clip job can act as lights in an area or assimilate with various other sculptures. The photos themselves are level, however [in the case of images being projected directly onto something else] they are changed relying on where they are predicted in actual 3D area as well as connect with various other challenge produce brand-new results. The dimension of the picture is additionally figured out by the spacing. As an example, if the dimension of my space in every day life is something like “What dimension table should I place in my space?” I ask the inquiry. The dimension as well as kind choice is eventually figured out by the area, so all the items showing up right here in this event are in some way the shapes and sizes I made when thinking about the gallery area.

"in bloom" by artist Hong Seung-hye  [KUKJE GALLERY]

“Growing” by musician Hong Seung-hye [KUKJE GALLERY]

Why did you change from paint to dealing with computer system pixels?

If you are mosting likely to repaint, there is the inquiry of what you will certainly repaint. Since I began institution, I have actually been extra thinking about the forms, shades, placements, dimensions as well as the communication of various shades as opposed to the literary definitions of the items. So I wanted the architectural elements of art.

In songs, various tools have various tones as well as have various quantity degrees, rhythms, and so on. These aspects of songs do not stand for anything or make any kind of feeling, however they interact to produce a factor where they cause some sort of feeling in us. Furthermore, abstract art does not stand for anything, however there is a mood, a sensation that originates from the mix of shades as well as forms. Consequently, painters like Kandinsky compared abstract art to songs. I assume my music level of sensitivity has actually infected art also.

In the past I have actually just utilized pure geometric types such as squares as well as circles. Yet in this event, you will certainly see that depictive forms began to show up in my jobs. The forms of celebrities, clouds, blossoms as well as also Mickey Computer mouse’s head, every one of which I enjoyed as a youngster. The forms mirror my fond memories.

Artist Hong Seung-hye's solo exhibition in the K3 Space of Kukje Gallery in central Seoul

A sight from musician Hong Seung-hye’s solo event “Over the Layers II” in the K3 Location of ​​Kukje Gallery in main Seoul. [KUKJE GALLERY]

You utilized songs in your K3 Area event at the Gangneung International Art Event in 2022 as well as your installment in the Noam Passage. You made up the songs items. Have you constantly utilized your very own songs for your jobs?

I began doing Flash computer animations in 2002, as well as for the history songs I would certainly make use of songs from various other authors, my preferred songs, which obtained me assuming, “I intend to bring forms to this songs.” I utilized mostly symphonic music as well as a great deal of Johann Sebastian Bach. When it comes to Bach, I really felt that the framework of his songs resembled the framework of my job. At the same time, from 2002 to 2016, I made a collection of pixel computer animations called “Psychological Smile” as well as for the very first I utilized “Smile”, the love motif from Charlie Chaplin’s flick “Modern Times”. I did 9 computer animations because collection and after that I assumed, “It’s time to quit being so psychological,” as well as I completed that collection as well as began utilizing my very own songs behind-the-scenes from 2016.

"Spiral" by artist Hong Seung-hye  [KUKJE GALLERY]

“Spiral” by musician Hong Seung-hye [KUKJE GALLERY]

It’s outstanding exactly how abstract songs as well as abstract art can stimulate feelings. Just how is this feasible?

Due to the fact that the procedure of bringing these aspects with each other shows the musician. When I produce a kind, it’s not regarding making it fairly lovely, it has to do with what’s lovely to me. As an example, when I make a celebrity form, the details are not sharp, however instead soft. I assume the form reveals the character of the individual that made it. When I do pixel computer animations they obtain extremely sluggish. I such as extremely mild as well as sluggish motions as opposed to rapid as well as fancy motions. Consequently, I assume that making types can flawlessly expose the character of the musician as well as also mean their way of life.

Art has several features. Maybe enlightening, maybe a political declaration, maybe research study. It can do what songs does. In this instance, shades, forms as well as products, which are crucial for art, are essential. Geometry ends up being a crucial device for the suitable mix as well as positioning of these aspects. Art can additionally be utilized to send out political as well as social messages, however I think developmental art itself can be meaningful sufficient.

Matisse repainted pictures as well as study in still lives, however it had not been individuals as well as items that mattered to him, it was the shades as well as forms he wished to attain via them as well as placing them where he desired them. Matisse as soon as claimed that she desires her work to be like a comfy chair, as well as I concur with that. I desire my work to be like a comfy chair where you can rest as well as release all your fears.

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