Yuna Kim informs young professional athletes regarding Gangwon 2024 consular office “I seem like a mom”

Being an Olympic Gamings ambassador is absolutely nothing brand-new that is greek. This 2010 Olympic champ number skater Offered in this function for the Winter season Olympic Gamings PyeongChang 2018It occurred in his indigenous Republic of Korea.

The 32-year-old gamer was formerly a professional athlete ambassador of the very first 2 Winter season Young people Olympic Gamings (YOG). Innsbruck 2012 and also Lillehammer 2016. So what’s various regarding your existing function? honorary ambassador your following Winter season YOG Gangwon 2024?

Talking independently to in advance of the 1 year turning point on Jan. 19, the number skating queen shared her exhilaration at doing an at-home YOG: “It makes a great deal of feeling that it will certainly be kept in Asia for the very first time. Likewise, simply 6 years back, (area ) held the Olympics, the most significant and also crucial occasion for professional athletes.

“As young professional athletes will certainly have comparable experiences and also contend in the very same places, it will certainly play a really vital function in the course of young professional athletes to the Olympics.”

Wishes to star in ‘Queen Yuna’ straight function While aiding young professional athletes to contend in Gangwon 2024, a YOG because of utilize existing places developed for PyeongChang 2018.

“As an ambassador for the ‘standard’ Olympic Gaming (2018), I directly saw the Gamings from a professional athlete’s point of view,” clarifies Kim. “Yet checking out the Young people Olympic Gamings as an elderly professional athlete with Olympic experience, I seem like a mom.

“As they (young professional athletes) remain in the procedure of maturing, I regularly think of: just how can i aid them

Yuna Kim uses guidance to YOG professional athletes

Being so carefully included with all 3 variations of YOG, in addition to contending in 2 Winter season Olympic Gamings and also lighting the cauldron in the 3rd, provided Kim a shot. clear understanding right into what makes every occasion so unique.

“Professional Athletes in the Olympics concentrate totally on their efficiency. Nonetheless, in the Young people Olympics, a (society and also education and learning) program It urges young professional athletes from various nations and also sporting activities to fraternize each other,” clarifies Kim.

“As a leading professional athlete it was fairly fascinating for me to be a component of such programs to motivate young people, as it is an occasion that shows the value of consistency along with competitors. There were no Young People Olympic Gamings when I was below. I’m a (young) professional athlete, so this is I have actually fantasized lot of times what it would certainly resemble if I had that sort of experience.”

Needing to ‘discover on duty’ prior to the Young People Olympic Gamings were established, Kim has actually accumulated a wide range of occupation experience as she has actually won every significant occasion offered to her throughout her affordable years. He was the very first professional athlete to finish “Super Bang” Junior Grand Prix Final, Globe Junior Championships, Grand Prix Final, continental (4 Continents) Champion, Globe Champion and also Olympic Gamings gold medals.

In Spite Of every one of his past and also seeing what YOG can do for young professional athletes, does he have any kind of guidance or words of inspiration for those contending in 2024?

“Whenever I completed, I obtained worried and also had adverse ideas like, ‘What should I do if I slip up?'” Kim remembers. “I have actually had the very same experience (they will certainly) so I was asking yourself if it would certainly be useful to genuinely inform them ‘please do not really feel stress’ or ‘please do not fidget’.

“I had not been constantly the positive individual either. I fidgeted a great deal of times and also at one factor I had great outcomes by obtaining (self-confidence). Maintain boosting with several experiences, I assume that’s one of the most vital point.”

Yuna Kim: What will Gangwon 2024 bring?

With the post ponement of the Dakar 2022 Summertime YOG 2026Gangwon will certainly commemorate the very first YOG in 4 years ever since Lausanne 2020.

According to Kim, Gangwon 2024, kept in the very same area of the Republic of Korea that held the Winter season Olympic Gamings in 2018, can be an additional stimulant for snow and also ice sporting activities in the nation.

“In 2018, my nation held the PyeongChang Winter season Olympic Gamings. In fact, winter months sporting activities were not that popular in the Republic of Korea, as well as additionally individuals were not aware of numerous techniques,” Kim remembers.

“Yet by experiencing the Olympics back then, numerous have actually ended up being much more accustomed to winter months sporting activities at the Gangwon Young People Olympic Gamings, which will certainly be holding such a significant winter months sporting activity occasion for the 2nd time.”

That additionally thinks that he contends in the very same sectors as his heroes – as an example, number skaters Gangneung Ice Field where Hanyu Yuzuru He won his 2nd gold medal in 2018 – it will certainly additionally be an increase for young rivals.

“It will certainly be much more purposeful for the professional athletes to contend in Gangwon, which has actually held the Olympics previously,” he confesses.

As Well As if he could contend in Gangwon once again, yet could not contend in number skating, what would certainly he do?

“I attempted skiing when I mosted likely to a ski hotel with my family members as a child, yet had no good luck any longer as I needed to prevent injuries (for my skating occupation). So currently I’m considering snowboarding – still doing it. I’m a little bit scared to picture myself snowboarding yet I intend to attempt once again for enjoyable. “

Yuna Kim regarding utilizing her social networks reach

There is no question that Yuna Kim is still a follower also years after giving up affordable skating. popular number. Him 1.2 million fans on Instagram can validate this truth.

“I recognized they needed to question my life after retired life since while I’m still energetic, I’m not as much the focal point as I made use of to be,” Kim believes.

“So every now and then I publish some laid-back pictures to greet.”

These ‘day-to-day pictures’ additionally consist of wedding celebration pictures from when she wed her spouse, Ko Woo-rim, in October.

Nonetheless, Kim shares that she wishes her broad reach on social networks will certainly aid advertise problems associated with their consular office – ‘Queen Yuna’ has actually been a UNICEF A Good Reputation Ambassador because 2010, along with Gangwon 2024.

“I additionally attempt to share my ideas on lesser-known subjects such as the Junior Olympic Gamings and also UNICEF.”

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